At Got Game Tech, we’re all about partnerships with companies and brands that align with our values–growing hunting and conservation, educating and supporting new hunters, and creating unity across all types of hunters. The Go Wild mobile app has created an incredible social community of hunters that we highly recommend checking out. This week we are participating in an incredible giveaway on Go Wild, where one lucky person will win: a Woodhaven Custom Calls Ninja Crystal pot call, the limited edition Woodhaven mouth call three-pack sold only at the NWTF 2020 Convention, a free download of our Turkey Tech App, and a thirty minute phone call with our turkey calling expert and three-time Grand National Turkey Calling Champion (and the 2020 Grand National Owl Hooting Champion), Scott Ellis. It’s the ultimate turkey calling setup!

To enter, get the Go Wild app here and set up your account and profile. Then head over to the “Giveaways” trail that you can navigate to from the Go Wild app home page to enter the giveaway.

Once you get started using Go Wild, you’ll see how it’s different from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the other general social media platforms. It’s full of hunters who share the same ideas and values, celebrate successes together, and off suggestions and tips to one another regularly. It’s a win-win: get Go Wild and enter to win this awesome turkey calling package!

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