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We are super stoked that you decided to purchase one of our mobile apps. We hope you dive in and check out every aspect of it. If you are having any kind of technical difficulties with an app (or are looking for instructions on how to redeem an app download code), check the below FAQs and Answers to see if you can resolve the issue. If not, definitely contact us! Send an e-mail to, and we’ll help you out ASAP.

We have recently converted the ElkNut mobile app from a one-time purchase to a subscription based learning platform. We are working on building out a new FAQ page for that app to help with some technical troubleshooting. Here are a couple quick links that may be useful:

  1. Having Trouble Subscribing to the ElkNut app?
  2. How to Download Content for Offline Use on the ElkNut app

For all of our other apps that are set up as one-time purchase apps, you should find the content below helpful. Any unanswered questions can be sent to however, and we’ll make sure we get you taken care of.


Q: I have received a download code for one of your one-time purchase apps. How do I redeem it?

A (Apple Users): You do not need to search for the app by name. Instead, open the App Store app. Select the Today Page (icon in the bottom left of the menu bar). Scroll to the very bottom of the Today Page (you will need to scroll down a few times). When you reach the bottom, you will see your Apple ID and a “Redeem” button. Select redeem and enter the code.

A (Android Users): You do not need to search for the app by name. Instead, open the Play Store app. Select the menu in the upper left (three bars). Scroll down the menu options until you see “Redeem.” Select Redeem and enter the code.


Q: How do I access the content on my app when I don’t have cell service or a wi-fi signal?

A: Any written tip you have accessed on the app with service will be available without service. All videos can be downloaded and stored on your phone to be accessed when you don’t have service. And we are currently working on a solution for the recorded audio files. You should soon have the option to download these audio files as well. If you are having trouble with accessing content without service, please be sure to contact our customer service team at


Q: How do I watch the videos?

A: To watch a calling instructional video, you first need to download it. (We decided to let you choose which videos you wanted to download so you can control the amount of storage space that is available on your phone.) When you select download, be sure to give the video time to complete downloading before you navigate to another location on the app or start downloading another video. Also be sure you have a good Internet or data connection–a weak signal may also impact how the video downloads onto your phone.


Q: One or more videos that I’ve downloaded is not playing for me on the app. What should I do?

A: See the above answer for background information. If you’re having trouble with a video playing, delete it. Then, when you’ve made sure you have a good data/Internet connection, then re-download it. Give the video time to download before navigating to another part of the app or trying to download another video. This should take care of most video playback issues.


Q: The audio and/or videos do not have sound. What should I do?

A: First, be sure that your phone ringer is turned on. Generally, the audio files will play back sound with the ringer off, but the video files need the ringer on. If your ringer is on and videos still aren’t playing sound back, then see the above answer. Also be sure that the volume on your phone is turned up.


Q: I’m having issues with the recorder on the audio section of the app. What should I do?

A: In order for this aspect of the app to work, you need to give the app permission to use your microphone. When you download the app, you should be asked whether you want to give that permission. However, if you selected no or this message box never popped up, then you will need to go to the settings on your phone and give the app permission to use your microphone. We have also recently been made aware of a bug on some Android devices, and we are working on a fix that should be done within the next few days.


Q: How do I navigate to other sections of the app besides the calls home page?

A: These have been moved from the top left to the bottom of the screen, and you should be able to easily navigate between pages from that lower menu bar. Definitely check out these other sections as they are loaded with information!


Q: I’ve tried all of the above suggestions and the app still isn’t working for me. What should I do?

A: If all else fails, completely close out of the app and re-load it. Then, if the issue persists, delete the app and re-download it. The App Store or Play Store should save your purchase of the app and you won’t have to re-pay for it. (But if you do, definitely contact us and we will comp you for that!) Once you’ve re-downloaded it, take your time through the tutorial and be sure to download videos one by one (as described above) when you’re sure you have a good Internet/data connection.


Again, if these don’t work for you, definitely let us know. Contact us by e-mail at We will get back to you soon and help you resolve the issue.

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