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We bring you game processing in the palm of your hand.

Got Game Technologies has partnered with Credo Outdoors to develop the CutRite mobile app! Hunters are stewards of the game animals they pursue, which provide meat for their families and rich memories and experiences in wild places. CutRite teaches hunters a variety of meat processing methods in the field, how to identify cuts and butcher their own game, and how to prepare delicious meals from the meat. Process. Butcher. Prepare. That’s our focus!

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Who is Credo? Credo empowers hunters through experiential education to achieve self-reliance and appreciation for the game and process from shot to the table. Recognizing there are many avenues to learn how to hunt, there were ZERO avenues to learn what to do after the kill. THIS IS CREDO OUTDOORS. Combining education, communication, patience, and one on one attention; Credo will help develop new and experienced hunters to be self-reliant once their animal is harvested. Empowering hunters through education from the field to the table.


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We’ll walk you through every step

From field dressing to the dinner table. Here are a couple sneak peeks!



Download the CutRite mobile app on the App Store or Play Store today!

You can also use the web-based version of the CutRite app here.

The same login you create on the mobile app will provide access to the app the web-based form, and vice versa!

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