Got Game Tech Mobile Apps

We partner with the best callers and hunters in the country to bring you thorough, instructional mobile apps that teach you how to better call and harvest elk, turkeys, ducks, geese, and whitetail deer.
Elk Calling


GGT joined forces with nationally renowned elk call expert, Paul Medel a.k.a. “ElkNut,” to produce an app unrivaled in the space of elk call and elk hunting instruction. The ElkNut app is available now at the App Store and Google Play. Please visit the ElkNut app page for more details and links.
Turkey Calling

Turkey Tech

When you want to become a better turkey caller and hunter, who do you need? The best. That’s exactly what GGT did to develop Turkey Tech in partnership with three-time grand national champion turkey caller, Scott Ellis. Please visit the Turkey Tech app page for more details and links.
Goose Calling

Goose Tech

No one has ever thought about goose calling quite like Nick Johnson. He has a unique and detailed teaching method designed to help you build a solid goose calling foundation and then build on that as you learn upper level calls and sequences. Check out the Goose Tech app page on our site to learn more!
Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Tech

Becoming a whitetail deer hunter is all about constant progression. Learning and experiencing new aspects of the hunt year after year. We’ve partnered with the working man’s deer hunter himself, Steve Stoltz, to bring you the Whitetail Tech app. It’s designed to help take years off your deer hunting learning curve!
Duck Calling

Duck Tech

Solidify your duck calling foundation with the Duck Tech app. It’s an especially good resource for beginner callers, featuring the most common mallard sounds you’ll hear in the duck blind. But even the experienced caller can learn a trick or two from three time world champion duck caller, Barnie Calef!
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