CutRite App

Process. Butcher. Prepare. The CutRite mobile app arms you with the knowledge and insight necessary to honor the animals you hunt. Learn different field dressing and processing methods, become a master butcher by properly identifying muscle groups and cuts, and wow your friends and family with delicious meals made from tried and true recipes featured on the app! Your meat, your way!

ElkNut App

The heart thumping moment of calling in a massive bull elk is one of a kind! Now, thanks to unmatched elk calling audio, video, and Q&A training, the ElkNut mobile app will drastically improve the way you hunt elk, whether you’re a beginner or a long-time elk hunter.

Turkey Tech App

The only thing better than a day spent in the woods hunting gobblers is a day spent in the woods hunting gobblers and harvesting one! Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis is designed to help you do just that!

Duck Tech App

Learn how to call more ducks with three-time world champion duck caller, Barnie Calef, and Got Game Technologies’ tried and true instructional methodology. The Duck Tech mobile app breaks down seven of the most common duck sounds, teaching you how to make the sounds and helping you understand what they mean to a duck and when to use them. Increase your odds of success!

Whitetail Tech App

Hunting and harvesting trophy whitetail deer is what Steve Stoltz does best. He’s sharing his hunting, calling, and rattling wisdom on the new Whitetail Tech mobile app. Learn from the best; increase your odds of success in the tree-stand!

Goose Tech App

There’s no better way to get an edge hunting geese than by improving your goose calling abilities. Nick Johnson, our goose calling expert, will help you take your calling to the next level and in turn help you kill more geese.

CutRite Mobile App is on the App Store!

We are excited to inform you that the CutRite mobile app is live on the App Store and Play Store! Hundreds of hours of time and effort, blood, sweat and tears have been poured into this app platform, and we're excited for you to check it out! The app is free to...

Introducing the new CutRite Mobile App!

Introducing the new CutRite Mobile App!

We bring you wild game processing, butchering and cooking to the palm of your hand. The CutRite mobile app empowers hunters through experiential education to achieve self-reliance and appreciation for the game and process from shot to the table. Recognizing there are...

How Does the New ElkNut App Update Work?

Although the road to get here has had some ups and downs, we are happy to bring you the most recent version of the ElkNut mobile app. In addition to the new content and features we rolled out in September, we have now managed to restore content featured on the app...