Introducing the new Goose Tech mobile app!

Introducing the new Goose Tech mobile app!

We have loved this journey of partnering with expert callers and bringing you high quality content from them straight to your mobile devices to help you become a better caller and hunter. It is thus with great pleasure that we introduce to you the Goose Tech mobile app!

Goose Tech is the cutting edge of goose calling instruction. Under the guidance of the Goose Guru himself, Nick J, Goose Tech is designed to take you on a goose calling journey. First, Nick J. covers the basics and introductory concepts. Then he graduates you to the root sounds in goose calls with a specially designed alphabet. Next, you learn a wide variety of goose sounds. Next, you apply all of this knowledge with various calling sequences and skill builders. You can also record yourself calling and compare to the real goose sounds on the app. Finally, Nick J has taken his tried and true goose hunting tips and tactics to help you bring it all together.

In sum, Goose Tech will help you become a better goose hunter. It’s that simple! Check out the app today and start your goose calling journey with a proper foundation or continue your journey with an incredible guide.


DIY Cold Room Project

DIY Cold Room Project

After a few years of processing my own meat and aging it in small coolers, where temps were difficult to control and my meat age time was in turn limited, I decided to build a cold room. When I heard about a cool device that makes that process easier, and then we were quarantined due to COVID-19, I decided “no time like the present!”

DISCLAIMER: I did my best to build this walk in cooler to last. But I’m not a professional construction contractor, and I recommend you consult a professional experienced in construction before embarking on your own cold room construction project.

Step 1 – Outline the Space

I ended up concluding that a 4’ by 10’ space was sufficient for the amount of meat we’d be hanging each year, wouldn’t be overly difficult to keep cool or require too large of a window mounted A/C unit to pair with the Cool Bot. (Ultimately this turned out to be a good guess. We can hang two full sized elk in this space. It’s snug, but sufficient, and cools quickly.)

Step 2 – Frame the Walls

I framed up the walls, researching ahead of time the size of A/C unit I would need to cool the space when paired with the Cool Bot. (Here’s a helpful article to consider on that subject.) I also checked out standard exterior door sizes and frames that in as well. Pressure treated 2x4s made for the bottom of the walls since they’d sit on concrete (which I anchored into the concrete using Tapcon screws).

After framing I cutout and nailed plywood on to the frame. Here’s a look at the progress to this point.

Step 3 – Install the Door

At this point I installed the door, which as I mentioned earlier was a standard exterior door. I figured it would keep the cold air in better. I also made sure to install it so it would open out rather than in, since space inside the cold room would be at a premium.

Step 4 – Seal

Next up was sealing the edges and filling any holes with silicone.

Step 5 – Insulate

My garage walls and ceiling are sheet-rocked, so I put up a vapor barrier wrap in case of moisture from the cold room. I then used R-Tech Rigid Foam insulation, welding it between the studs on the walls and attaching to the wrapped, Sheetrock walls and ceiling.

This didn’t fill in all the gaps, so I used the spray in insulation to line all the edges and fill the gaps.

Step 6 – Install the Window A/C Unit

The window A/C unit fit pretty snuggly in the framed window, but I used the same spray in insulation to seal the edges. I also had to hire an electrician to convert a plug in the ceiling of the garage so the wiring suited the A/C unit. (Definitely didn’t want to take any risks here and try this myself!)

Step 6 – Connect the Cool Bot

The Cool Bot device is easily mounted to the wall, and then the sensor in the A/C unit is connected to a sensor on the Cool Bot. Apparently the Cool Bot tricks the sensor in the windows A/C unit to continue to blow cold air even though it’s minimum temperature is reached.

Step 7 – Install Shelving

I put in some clothes hanger bars and some shelving on top of the lower one. I can safely hang four elk quarters on each shelving level.

The version of the Cool Bot we purchased picks up a WiFi signal, and you can track the temperature in the room from your phone, which was well worth the upgrade.

So far, we have hung and aged one elk, one moose, one bear, and three deer since it’s construction, and everything has worked well (some for us, some for friends). On occasion we’ve had to reconnect the Cool Bot to WiFi, and the A/C had to work pretty hard around the clock to cool the room on our bear killed this June. We don’t have the power bill back from that yet, but aside from the bear, we haven’t noticed a significant increase in our power bill running the cold room in the fall and winter.

Having the cold room has allowed us to hunt and kill big game and process meat efficiently. And the aged meat is certainly next level in terms of tenderness and taste. I highly recommend checking out the Cool Bot, and I think you can get some kind of a deal if you follow the links to Cool Bot in this article.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about this project with an email to

2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Giveaway is Live!

2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Giveaway is Live!

We are excited to bring you our 2021 spring turkey hunting giveaway with prizes totaling over $3,000 in value! We have 11 great companies participating, so head on over to our Giveaway page and get entered, then check out these incredible companies and their great products!

Here’s a list of the prize package going to one lucky winner:

One (1) Lifetime Membership to Trips 4 Trade & Grand Slam Outdoors Hat and T-Shirt

One (1) EXO Mountain Gear K3 Pack System of Winner’s Choice

One (1) SKRE Gear Elite Turkey Hunter Camo Bundle

One (1) 18×24 HD Metal Print of Choice from Clayton Worrell (Grizhawkins)

One (1) X1 Tactix ARD Red Dot Optic from Riton Optics

One (1) Anodized Ninja Pot Call and One (1) Red Ninja 3-Pack of Mouth Calls from Woodhaven Custom Calls

One (1) Shotgun Turkey Choke of Choice from Indian Creek Shooting Systems

One (1) Sidekick Bag Set, One (1) Hat, and One (1) T-Shirt from Rut-N-Ready

One (1) Free Download of the Turkey Tech Mobile App from Got Game Tech

One (1) 24-Pack of Meat Sticks from Rugged Meats

One (1) Camo Combo Pack from Nature’s Paint

Giveaway details are available on the Giveaways page.

Don’t miss the ElkNut’s third and final pre-season elk calling webinar!

Don’t miss the ElkNut’s third and final pre-season elk calling webinar!

Our summer pre-season elk calling webinar series is coming to a conclusion on August 20! Paul is giving a final seminar for the season, and the focus is going to be almost exclusively on live questions from participants (and giving away a brand new Hoyt bow of course)!

Reserve your seat at the webinar here. Each webinar you attend gets you an additional entry to win the Hoyt bow, so definitely get signed up!

We’ll start at 7 PM MT and take questions right out of the gate. No one matches Paul’s enthusiasm for elk calling, and it’s going to be a 90 minute train ride through the elk woods!

Also, if you have missed earlier webinars but would like access to them, send an email to and we’ll get you set up!

September is nearly here, and we’re doing as much as we can to help you be ready. So study up on the ElkNut app, get registered for this webinar, and let’s get this elk party started!

2020 Elk Calling Online Seminar Series: Win a New Hoyt Bow!

2020 Elk Calling Online Seminar Series: Win a New Hoyt Bow!

This summer we want to help you be as ready as possible for the elk woods. And while we usually have a few in person seminars annually that we then share online, this year we’re trying some live seminars. The ElkNut, Paul Medel, will be sharing his elk calling secrets and answering lots of participant questions. You can register for the next scheduled seminar (July 23 at 7 p.m. MT) HERE. Each seminar you attend will get you an entry into our Hoyt bow giveaway too! We’ll have our final seminar on August 20 at 7 p.m. and give the Hoyt away at the end of that event. We hope you’ll join us!

App Review Giveaway

App Review Giveaway

We love finding ways to give back to our customers. We need app reviews, you need hunting gear! Leave us a review on the App Store or Play Store, and you’re entered to win. We’ll randomly select reviews on those platforms for all of our apps left during this period (April and May 2020), so stay tuned! Prizes are being gathered from many of our marketing partners, and some giveaways have already occurred!

Ryan vs. Tayler: Which Elk Calling Quarantine Video Do You Relate to More?

Ryan vs. Tayler: Which Elk Calling Quarantine Video Do You Relate to More?

Two weeks ago Ryan called with an idea: “We should make a video about being quarantined and elk calling, like a lip sync or one of those where you annoy your wives.” He planted the seed, but since we were quarantined we couldn’t meet up to work on one together, we each made our own. Both videos took on a life of their own, so we want you to watch them and let us know which one better approximates how you’ve incorporated elk calling into this quarantine. Here’s a link to Ryan’s video on YouTube, and here’s a link to mine (Tayler). Like the videos and let us know what you think in the comments. We’ll tally up all comments and likes. While the loser won’t be dressing up like Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage (see Jason Phelps most recent elk hunting video), he will be sporting a gnarly mustache on our elk hunt this year. Should be fun!

ElkNut and Jason Phelps Webinar Replay Available

ElkNut and Jason Phelps Webinar Replay Available

Over five hundred people participated in last week’s live elk calling webinar featuring the ElkNut, Paul Medel, and Jason Phelps, owner of Phelps Game Calls. It was awesome! Paul started off the event discussing hunting quiet elk, and covered a number of other great topics along the way. Jason then shared his list of subjects that are often overlooked by elk hunters, including, for example, ensuring you have a proper setup. Ultimately both answered participant questions such as: “What’s your favorite call?” “When do you use cow bugles?” and “How to hunt elk early season (i.e., Utah’s mid-August archery elk hunt)?” just to name a few.

If you missed this webinar or would simply like to watch it again, we have posted the show to our YouTube channel or you can catch it on our podcast within the next couple of days (still in process but getting there!). Be sure to check out one or the other and subscribe to both while you’re at it.

We would also remind you to check out the ElkNut app if you don’t already have it, and to use the code ElkNut10 to purchase some calls from Phelps Game Calls. Many thanks to our other event sponsors as well, After the Kill and Elk Addicts. We look forward to holding a similar event again in the future!

Tips for Turkey Calling Live Seminar

Tips for Turkey Calling Live Seminar

With everyone stuck at home, we want to bring some live turkey calling instruction directly to you. Three-time grand national turkey calling champion and this year’s grand national owl hooting champion, Scott Ellis, is going to share his key tips and insights and answer your turkey calling and hunting questions. So what are the details?

Scott is going to go live from his Instagram account (@scott_c_ellis) on Wednesday, April 8 at 7 pm ET. We will be managing the Turkey Tech App Instagram account (@turkeytechapp_scottellis) and joining Scott in the live feed to moderate. Going to be a fun evening, so be sure to mark your calendars, follow both accounts, and turn on post and live video notifications for both accounts as well!

And seriously, what else better do you have going on, considering the current situation? Sure hope to see you there.