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Featuring the ElkNut, Paul Medel

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The only thing better than a day spent in the elk woods chasing bugles is a day spent in the woods hunting elk and harvesting one! The ElkNut app is designed to help you do just that!

ElkNut is an instructional mobile app that includes audio and video files of widely known and recognized, over the counter, public land, blue collar elk hunter, Paul Medel, actual elk sounds, the ability to record yourself calling and compare it to the ElkNut and real elk, hunting sequences from the field, and written hunting tips to help you apply what you’re learning on the app. There’s no other app on the market that comes close to ElkNut.

Specific sounds included on the app:

Advertising Bugle
Alarm Barks
Challenge Bugle
Contact Buzz
Cow Bugles
Lip Bawl Bugle
Location Bugle
Nervous Grunt
Nervous Grunt/Round Up Bugle
Pleading Cow/Calf Mews
Rattling Antlers
Regathering Mews
Retreating Cow Mews
Round Up Bugle
Separated or Lost Cow/Calf Mew
Social Cow/Calf Talk
Whines Going to a Bull

The app is also loaded with 13 calling sequences and 32 tactics with layers of nuanced insights. We also include some basic videos for the very beginner caller on how to choose and use a mouth reed.

Since it’s launch in 2017, we have continually updated the ElkNut app, and you can see the most recent update to the app here!

Whether you’re an experienced caller or a beginner, there is plenty to learn on the ElkNut mobile app!

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