Note: the offline use issue for some Apple users has been resolved. Please update your app if it has not updated automatically.

1. To find the Downloads menu, click on the app menu in the upper right hand corner (three bars).

2. The options will slide out from the right side of the app, and you can then select Downloads.

3. Once on this page, you will see an itemized list of each video and audio file on the app.

4. You can select download all for both audio and video files or you can go through and download items individually. We recommend using download all for audio files, and then picking video files individually. We have a lot of new videos and some are pretty lengthy, so downloading all videos will take a long time and use up app storage space.

5. You will also see download options on each individual call, sequence or tactics page for associated video and audio files. That is an option as well!

There are a lot of other cool features on the updated app, including favoriting the sounds and sequences you want quick access to, a home page with a news feed for updates from the ElkNut team, a fresh new look to the app, and lots of new content. We sure hope you enjoy it! Please send any feedback to

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