Introducing the new CutRite Mobile App!

Introducing the new CutRite Mobile App!

We bring you wild game processing, butchering and cooking to the palm of your hand.

The CutRite mobile app empowers hunters through experiential education to achieve self-reliance and
appreciation for the game and process from shot to the table. Recognizing there are many
avenues to learn how to hunt, there were few avenues to learn what to do so after the kill. THIS IS CUTRITE MOBILE. Combining education, communication, patience, our goal is to develop new and experienced hunters to be self-reliant once their animal is harvested. Empowering hunters through education from the field to the table.


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We’ll walk you through every step

From field dressing to the dinner table. Here are a couple sneak peeks of the app!



The app has been released as a web-based mobile app, and can be accessed at or just click here or the Sign Up button below, where you can sign up for free. Certain content is available without requiring a subscription so you can see the ins and outs of the app. Then, all app content can be accessed via subscription at $14.99 per year. Use the app launch code of CUTRITEOG to save 50% off your first year’s subscription!

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The mobile versions of CutRite are in development for both the App Store and Play Store. The nice thing is once you’ve signed up on the web-based version of the app, you will be able to download the mobile version when it’s ready and log in with your credentials you’ve already set up. And while you’re waiting for the mobile version, here’s a helpful article on how to create an app button for your web-based version of Cut Rite for Apple and Android devices.