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Many of our customers have come to learn about our apps through hunting industry podcasts. We love that and have included a list of various podcasts in which our calling experts have appeared (below). Also, as of early 2019, we have our own podcast called Got Game University! We are on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, PodBean and TuneIn. Be sure to subscribe and enjoy! You can also listen below.

We pride ourselves in finding the foremost experts for our mobile apps. As a result, these world class callers and hunters frequently make appearances on podcasts. Their podcast interviews are hugely successful for the show in terms of listeners and downloads. Below are some links to podcast interviews and seminars given by some of our experts. If you would like to host one of our experts on your podcast, please contact Tayler Tibbitts at tayler@gotgametech.com.

Paul Medel, a.k.a. ElkNut

Paul Medel, owner of ElkNut Outdoors and the expert on our ElkNut mobile app, is a podcasting legend. His enthusiasm for elk hunting is so contagious, that his podcast interviews are always huge hits. Below are links to some of his podcast interviews with various shows in the industry.

Hunt Backcountry

Episode 36 – Don’t Just Call – “Talk Elk” with Paul the “ElkNut” Medel
Episode 138 – The ElkNut Returns


The Rich Outdoors

Episode 158 – Wapiti Wednesday with ElkNut Paul Medel (Best of the Podcast Episode)
Episode 260 – Wapiti Wednesday with ElkNut Paul Medel


Archery Maniacs

Episode 3 – Specific Elk Calling and Hunting for the DIY Hunter on Public Land with the ElkNut Paul Medel
Episode 37 – From A-Z with ElkNut Outdoor Productions
Episode 40 – Specific Solo Elk Calling, Setups, and Hunting Tactics with Paul Medel of ElkNut Outdoor Productions



Episode 13 – ElkNut Part 1 (Paul Medel) (Best of the Podcast Episode)
Episode 14 – ElkNut Part 2 (Paul Medel)
Episode 62 – The ElkNut on Elk Calling Tactics


Interviews with the Hunting Masters

Episode 9.44 – ElkNut Paul Medel Part 1
Episode 9.45 – ElkNut Paul Medel Part 2
Episode 9.76 – Paul Medel Elk Stories


Living Country in the City

Episode 79 – Paul “ElkNut” Medel and the Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Elk Vocalization


Scott Ellis, Hunt Quest

Scott is our featured expert on the Turkey Tech app and an expert turkey caller and hunter. He is a three-time Grand National Turkey Calling Champion and U.S. Open Champion. He has also completed four grand slams, two of which were single season, and two royal slams. If there’s anyone you can learn a thing or two about turkeys from, it’s Scott Ellis. Here are some of his podcast appearances:

Strut South Podcast

Episode 24 – Turkey Calling Tactics with Scott Ellis

Elevate Your Game Radio

Season 1, Episode 2 – Turkey Calling 101 (Best of Podcast Episode)

Season 1, Episode 23 – Spring turkey calling and hunting tactics

The Rich Outdoors

Episode 54 – Scott Ellis – Turkey call practice

Episode 55 – Scott Ellis: How to turkey hunt like a pro

Jay Scott Outdoors

Episode 405 – NWTF Grand National Head to Head Calling Champion Scott Ellis talks turkey


Steve Stoltz, Buckmen TV

Steve is our Whitetail Tech App expert. He is known in the industry as “the working man’s hunter.” He is a skilled whitetail deer hunter and the host and creator of Buckmen TV. Steve is also an expert turkey caller, winning three Grand National Turkey Calling championships and is the NWTF Grand National Champion of Champions. Whether you’re into hunting deer or turkeys, Steve is an expert worth listening to. Below are some of his podcast appearances.

100% Wild Podcast

Episode 28 – Talking Turkey with Steve Stoltz

Episode 42 – Summer Whitetail Scouting Tactics

Truth from the Stand

Episode 100 – Deer Calling & Mature Bucks w/Steve Stoltz

Whitetail Legacy

Episode 51 – Steve Stoltz

Episode 52 – Whitetail Tech App

Tayler Tibbitts, Got Game Technologies

Tayler is a founder of Got Game Technologies, a licensed attorney, and a serial entrepreneur. He is an avid elk and mule deer hunter, mountain lake explorer, English Pointer raiser, and family man. Here are his podcast appearances:

On the Game Trail

Episode 10 – Got Game Tech: the app of calling

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