Turkey Tech App

With Scott Ellis

The only thing better than a day spent in the woods hunting gobblers is a day spent in the woods hunting gobblers and harvesting one! Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis is designed to help you do just that!

Turkey Tech is an instructional mobile app that includes audio and video files of three-time grand national champion turkey caller Scott Ellis, actual turkey sounds, the ability to record yourself calling and compare it to Scott and the wild turkey, hunting sequences from the field, and written hunting tips to help you apply what you’re learning on the app. There’s no other app on the market that comes close to Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis.

Specific sounds included on the app:

Cluck, Cluck and Purr, Cutting, Excited Yelp, Fighting Purr, Flydown Cackle, Plain Yelp, Tree Yelp (Soft Yelp), Gobbler/Jake Yelp, Kee Kee Run, Crow Locator, and the Barred Owl Locator.

We’ve also updated the app to include four turkey hunting sequences straight from the field:

Hiding the Hen, Aggressive Calling, Talking to the Hens, and Distance Determining Calling Sequence.

Whether you’re an experienced caller or a beginner, there is plenty to learn on the Turkey Tech mobile app!

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