Duck Tech App

With Barnie Calef
Learn how to call more ducks with three-time world champion duck caller, Barnie Calef, and Got Game Technologies’ tried and true instructional methodology. The Duck Tech mobile app breaks down seven of the most common duck sounds, teaching you how to make the sounds and helping you understand what they mean to a duck and when to use them. Increase your odds of success!

Duck Tech helps you become a better duck caller and hunter through:

  • Video content teaching you how to choose a duck call and how to make preliminary duck sounds with it
  • Detailed breakdown of seven of the most common duck sounds, including:
    • Quack
    • Hail Call
    • Greeting Call
    • Bouncing Hen Call
    • Cajun Squeal
    • Comeback Call
    • Feed Call
  • Audio content of world champion duck caller Barnie Calef making each sound.
  • Incorporating your device’s microphone so you can record yourself calling and compare it to the pro.
  • Video instruction demonstrating how to make each sound, with technical details that only an expert can teach you. They’re downloadable so you can take these videos with you wherever you go, regardless of data access or a cell signal.
  • Hunting tips categorized by duck sound with tried and true pointers that will help you know what each sound means and when to use it in the field.
  • Highly effective Pro Tips that provide insight gained only from years and years of calling and hunting ducks that will help you have the best chance to find and harvest more ducks.
  • Links to resources where you can find the duck hunting products you need to be successful.
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