Over five hundred people participated in last week’s live elk calling webinar featuring the ElkNut, Paul Medel, and Jason Phelps, owner of Phelps Game Calls. It was awesome! Paul started off the event discussing hunting quiet elk, and covered a number of other great topics along the way. Jason then shared his list of subjects that are often overlooked by elk hunters, including, for example, ensuring you have a proper setup. Ultimately both answered participant questions such as: “What’s your favorite call?” “When do you use cow bugles?” and “How to hunt elk early season (i.e., Utah’s mid-August archery elk hunt)?” just to name a few.

If you missed this webinar or would simply like to watch it again, we have posted the show to our YouTube channel or you can catch it on our podcast within the next couple of days (still in process but getting there!). Be sure to check out one or the other and subscribe to both while you’re at it.

We would also remind you to check out the ElkNut app if you don’t already have it, and to use the code ElkNut10 to purchase some calls from Phelps Game Calls. Many thanks to our other event sponsors as well, After the Kill and Elk Addicts. We look forward to holding a similar event again in the future!

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