We are excited to inform you that the CutRite mobile app is live on the App Store and Play Store!

Hundreds of hours of time and effort, blood, sweat and tears have been poured into this app platform, and we’re excited for you to check it out! The app is free to download, though most of the content will require you to subscribe to our pro version. The cost is only $14.99 per year, and if you subscribe before the end of the month, you can save 50% by using the code CUTRITE50 and following this link!

To bring you this app, we partnered with Credo Outdoors, a anatomy and physiology professor and hunting fanatic. The app takes you through in the field processing, on the block butchering, and in the kitchen cooking so that you can own every step of your hunting experience and provider journey. Process. Butcher. Prepare. That’s our focus!

To learn more about the app, visit our app page here.

To download CutRite click one of the buttons below!

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