2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Giveaway is Live!

2021 Spring Turkey Hunting Giveaway is Live!

We are excited to bring you our 2021 spring turkey hunting giveaway with prizes totaling over $3,000 in value! We have 11 great companies participating, so head on over to our Giveaway page and get entered, then check out these incredible companies and their great products!

Here’s a list of the prize package going to one lucky winner:

One (1) Lifetime Membership to Trips 4 Trade & Grand Slam Outdoors Hat and T-Shirt

One (1) EXO Mountain Gear K3 Pack System of Winner’s Choice

One (1) SKRE Gear Elite Turkey Hunter Camo Bundle

One (1) 18×24 HD Metal Print of Choice from Clayton Worrell (Grizhawkins)

One (1) X1 Tactix ARD Red Dot Optic from Riton Optics

One (1) Anodized Ninja Pot Call and One (1) Red Ninja 3-Pack of Mouth Calls from Woodhaven Custom Calls

One (1) Shotgun Turkey Choke of Choice from Indian Creek Shooting Systems

One (1) Sidekick Bag Set, One (1) Hat, and One (1) T-Shirt from Rut-N-Ready

One (1) Free Download of the Turkey Tech Mobile App from Got Game Tech

One (1) 24-Pack of Meat Sticks from Rugged Meats

One (1) Camo Combo Pack from Nature’s Paint

Giveaway details are available on the Giveaways page.

2020 Elk Calling Online Seminar Series: Win a New Hoyt Bow!

2020 Elk Calling Online Seminar Series: Win a New Hoyt Bow!

This summer we want to help you be as ready as possible for the elk woods. And while we usually have a few in person seminars annually that we then share online, this year we’re trying some live seminars. The ElkNut, Paul Medel, will be sharing his elk calling secrets and answering lots of participant questions. You can register for the next scheduled seminar (July 23 at 7 p.m. MT) HERE. Each seminar you attend will get you an entry into our Hoyt bow giveaway too! We’ll have our final seminar on August 20 at 7 p.m. and give the Hoyt away at the end of that event. We hope you’ll join us!

App Review Giveaway

App Review Giveaway

We love finding ways to give back to our customers. We need app reviews, you need hunting gear! Leave us a review on the App Store or Play Store, and you’re entered to win. We’ll randomly select reviews on those platforms for all of our apps left during this period (April and May 2020), so stay tuned! Prizes are being gathered from many of our marketing partners, and some giveaways have already occurred!

Tips for Turkey Calling Live Seminar

Tips for Turkey Calling Live Seminar

With everyone stuck at home, we want to bring some live turkey calling instruction directly to you. Three-time grand national turkey calling champion and this year’s grand national owl hooting champion, Scott Ellis, is going to share his key tips and insights and answer your turkey calling and hunting questions. So what are the details?

Scott is going to go live from his Instagram account (@scott_c_ellis) on Wednesday, April 8 at 7 pm ET. We will be managing the Turkey Tech App Instagram account (@turkeytechapp_scottellis) and joining Scott in the live feed to moderate. Going to be a fun evening, so be sure to mark your calendars, follow both accounts, and turn on post and live video notifications for both accounts as well!

And seriously, what else better do you have going on, considering the current situation? Sure hope to see you there.

Turkey Calling Giveaway on the Go Wild App

Turkey Calling Giveaway on the Go Wild App

At Got Game Tech, we’re all about partnerships with companies and brands that align with our values–growing hunting and conservation, educating and supporting new hunters, and creating unity across all types of hunters. The Go Wild mobile app has created an incredible social community of hunters that we highly recommend checking out. This week we are participating in an incredible giveaway on Go Wild, where one lucky person will win: a Woodhaven Custom Calls Ninja Crystal pot call, the limited edition Woodhaven mouth call three-pack sold only at the NWTF 2020 Convention, a free download of our Turkey Tech App, and a thirty minute phone call with our turkey calling expert and three-time Grand National Turkey Calling Champion (and the 2020 Grand National Owl Hooting Champion), Scott Ellis. It’s the ultimate turkey calling setup!

To enter, get the Go Wild app here and set up your account and profile. Then head over to the “Giveaways” trail that you can navigate to from the Go Wild app home page to enter the giveaway.

Once you get started using Go Wild, you’ll see how it’s different from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the other general social media platforms. It’s full of hunters who share the same ideas and values, celebrate successes together, and off suggestions and tips to one another regularly. It’s a win-win: get Go Wild and enter to win this awesome turkey calling package!

Shed Hunting & Post-season Scouting Tactics

Shed Hunting & Post-season Scouting Tactics

By far one of the most effective ways to scout and learn your hunting property is to hunt for sheds.

While searching for shed antlers, you should also be taking note of the obvious deer sign that has now been exposed from the previous fall travel patterns. In fact, the sign that you will see during shed hunting might very well be the most important information that you can learn about the whitetail travel habits on your farm!

Cover is down, trails are easily defined and your disturbance will soon be forgotten by the mature bucks that have made it through the hunting season.
Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your shed hunting and post season scouting trips.

a. Don’t scout and shed hunt too early. Yes some sheds drop here in the Midwest in late December and the month of January. However, to cut down on disturbance, I recommend waiting until the vast majority of the bucks have lost their antlers. In my area of Southern Iowa, most sheds are on the ground by about March 1. Making the month of March, prior to spring green up the best month to shed hunt and scout.

b. 90% of your sheds will be found in about 10% of your ground. Hunt for sheds smart. Look in the area’s that bucks spend the most time in during this time of the year. This is usually near or right in their destination food source. Bucks love to lay down near the food and chew their cud throughout the night. This is where they spend most of their time, so this is where you will find more of your sheds. Pay close attention to grassy area’s just on the edge of the food source- especially the South Facing side. That is where the sun beats down on the cover more-so they will seek the warmer cover to lay down in.

c. Check fence jumps, trail creek crossings, ditch jumps, trails, bedding areas, transition area’s (thick cover meets open areas) and small food plots as well.

d. Take note of trail junctions, in particular ones that have big rubs nearby. This is a classic sign a mature buck was working that area. Bring a roll of Fluorescent Orange Survey Tape with you while scouting. This way when you find those great looking pinch points, funnels, travel corridors- you can mark which tree to possibly hang a stand in. If you don’t, you might not find that same tree as everything will look different in the summer or early fall!!

e. Bring a good pair of Binoculars and don’t get discouraged. Binos will save you a lot of walking when you notice a possible shed antler in the distance. You can glass the object to see if it’s even worth checking out. And don’t get disappointed if you are not finding sheds. Sheds are simply hard to find. You can spend days walking and find very few and at times none. But at least you are discovering new information about your farm that will come in handy this fall!!!

f. Be sure to check out the Whitetail Tech mobile app for more tips like this to help you better understand whitetail deer behavior and improve your ability to call these incredible animals.

This article was written by Steve Stoltz, the expert featured on our whitetail deer hunting mobile app, Whitetail Tech. Steve is a full-time firefighter and known in the outdoor industry as “the working man’s hunter.” Steve is on the Woodhaven Custom Calls and Mossy Oak pro staffs. His hunting footage has most recently been featured on Drury Outdoors’ deer hunting platform Deer Cast and Scott Ellis’s show, Hunt Quest.