One of a Kind: What Customers are Saying About the New Record Feature on the ElkNut App

We have been working hard to build the best elk calling mobile app on the planet. And while we'll always be working to make the ElkNut app even better, it is rewarding to hear some great feedback from our customers. Here are a couple of unsolicited customer reviews that should convince you to download the app if you haven't already.

"I just want to say how impressed I am with not just Paul's knowledge and experience, but with his willingness to help hunters learn how to become students of elk hunting.... Elk hunting has never made more sense to me.... I love the sequences, tactics, tips sections, videos, ability to record myself and compare my sounds to real elk and ElkNut sounds. To put it simply there is nothing else like this anywhere out there. It's cutting edge and worth it's weight in gold to all elk hunters, even seasoned guys." B. Tuft, iPhone ElkNut App user.

"I can't believe how much information and now even interactive ability there is. Including recording yourself calling to see how you really sound in comparison.... Thanks for making an amazing app. This is the most important tool you can use. Nothing else compares.... Do yourself a favor. Buy it. Guaranteed you'll never regret it." ckbailey97, iPhone ElkNut App user.

"Such a great resource, why wouldn't a serious elk hunter add this to their arsenal?" Anonymous, Android ElkNut App user.

"ElkNut is a one of a kind DIY elk hunting innovator. His hunting style is proven effective, and most importantly - fun. I particularly like the feature that allows you to listen to a real elk, listen to Elknut's best effort, then has a recorder for you to try the same call, thenpay it back and listen to your attempt - excellent way to improve quickly. I highly recommend this app." Jim Bunker, Android ElkNut App user.

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