Each season we try to make improvements to the ElkNut app to continually give our app users a competitive edge in the elk woods. To that end, we have just rolled out an entirely new section of the ElkNut app called “ElkNut Nuggets.”

This section is located in the Tactics section of the app as seen here:








Then you scroll down to the Tactic entitled “ElkNut Nuggets”:

Once you open it, you’ll see ten tactics, including:

  1. The Slow Play
  2. Bugling Bulls Moving Away
  3. Those Advertising Bugles!
  4. Bugling Too Aggresivley
  5. Herd Bull Tactic – Herd Bull with Hot Cow
  6. Calling Before Daylight
  7. Two-Man Call and Stalk
  8. Opening the Corridor
  9. When Bulls Cow Call
  10. Understanding Emotion in Elk Calling

Be sure to get your app updated if you have it, or if you don’t, definitely check it out here.

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