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More Updates to ElkNut App (and a Giveaway)

Last week we updated the ElkNut App with five additional sounds, bringing the total up to fifteen. Each sound has real elk audio, how-to videos, and detailed hunting tips to help every elk hunter, from beginner to experienced, perfect his or her craft. To make the ElkNut App an even more complete package, we will be adding three sequences with video demonstrations and hunting tips to the mix soon!

These sequences will help you take your elk calling to the next level by allowing you to visualize how an expert elk caller, Paul Medel, sets up in the field under certain circumstances and what has been most successful for him to call in and harvest elk.

To promote these most recent updates, we are sponsoring a giveaway that is easy and worthwhile to enter. The prize is a Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner--a tried and true make and model of knife just in time for hunting season. Consider it our vote of confidence in your new acquired or recently improved elk hunting abilities. You're going to need a good knife when you get your elk on the ground!

To enter, you need to 1: download the ElkNut app; 2: write a review on the App Store or Google Play; and 3: let us know by message on social media (Instagram or Facebook) or by e-mail (tayler@gotgametech.com), that you have written a review and the name you used on your review so we can match it to you. This will get you one entry. For additional entries, share this article on social media and tag Got Game Technologies in the post, or you can find our pages and tag your friends in the comment section of our pictures announcing the giveaway.

Elk hunting season is upon us! The time is now to get your elk calling house in order by treating yourself to the ElkNut app. It is a $4.99 that you won't miss--coming in cheaper than most hamburgers, pairs of socks, or movie admissions, and will be money much better spent. Hope to see your review on the App Store or Google Play soon! Happy hunting!