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Major Update to ElkNut App & Turkey Tech App Has Arrived!

ElkNut App Updated
Exciting news! While you’ve been out enjoying the best time of year—hunting season of course—the Got Game Tech team has launched a substantial update to the ElkNut App. ElkNut is now absolutely loaded with content—7 new elk sounds and 1 new sequence—taking the total elk sounds to 21 and unique hunting sequences to 4! The app has also been updated to be more user-friendly, with a new toggle button that helps you navigate between bull and cow elk sounds.


We’ve also thought a lot about the existing elk sounds on the original version of the app while we’ve been out in the elk woods. The ElkNut and his team were extremely successful this year on public land, do it yourself elk hunts, and he has provided a number of updates to existing sounds to make sure you have the information you need to be successful as you prepare for the 2018 elk season. If you don't already have it be sure to pick it up at the App Store or on Google Play.

Announcing: Turkey Tech!
And the good news doesn’t end with the ElkNut update. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes this past fall (in between deer and elk seasons) with three-time Grand National Turkey Calling Champion, Scott Ellis, to create the best turkey calling and hunting app ever! We’ve followed the same model and layout of the ElkNut App—instructional videos, real turkey sounds, and tips from Scott Ellis himself. It is designed to help all turkey hunters at all levels have success in the field. Find it on the App Store and Google Play today!