Giveaway: Turkey Calling Package!

Our second app, Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis, launched on December 18 on both the App Store and Google Play. To celebrate this exciting news, we have partnered with Woodhaven Custom Calls, Hunt Quest with Scott Ellis, and SureCanUSA to set one lucky winner up with a great turkey calling package.

The winner gets a Woodhaven Ninja Crystal friction call, a custom Scott Ellis signature mouth call, a SureCanUSA Mossy Oak gas can, and gear from the Got Game Technologies Team. Visit our Instagram or Facebook pages to get entered into the giveaway!

And don't forget to check out Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis. It's loaded with content to help you become a better turkey caller and hunter, including: eight different turkey sounds with videos explaining how to make each sound with a friction call and mouth reed, real turkey audio of the sounds, and hunting tips so you know how to use them in the field. This app has everything you need to become a better turkey caller and hunter! Find it on the App Store and Google Play today!