Elk Hunting Sequences Now on ElkNut App

Like a fine wine, the ElkNut app keeps getting better with time. Except it gets better in a matter of days. Though launched only a few weeks ago, we have continued to increase the amount of elk calling and hunting content on the ElkNut app to make sure you are ready for hunting season. This most recent update includes three incredible sequences, the Breeding Sequence, the Advertising Sequence, and the Blind or Cold Calling Sequence, complete with how-to videos and helpful hunting tips.

Breeding Sequence
This sequence is perfect for the situaton where you know a bull has hot cows in his herd. How do you know? Because you'll hear him bugling to keep her close (and other bulls away), and you'll hear those other bulls bugling to tempt her toward them.

You'll have to watch the videos on the app to grasp the setup in action--the videos are filmed in the woods in a spot where Paul and his son have harvested multiple 6 x 6 bull elk. You'll see how and where to set up in the woods and then what sounds to use to convince one of those bulls to come your way.

Advertising Sequence
The Advertising Sequence is a great one to use when the elk are quieter. It's a sequence of sounds made by a bull elk who is trying to attract cows to him.

When you catch a bugle or two in the morning but then the elk go quiet, try to pin point one of those bugles and make towards that direction, getting within 150 yards of that bull. Then, follow the directions in the video to set up your advertising scenario, which should capitalize on the curiosity of that nearby bull. Since elk are herd animals, they know each other, and when a stranger appears, they want to find out who it is. Be ready; the elk may come in quietly!

Blind/Cold Calling Sequence
The third sequence currently featured on the app is the blind/cold calling sequence. It is a great sequence for a hunter interested in harvesting any elk, as it most often attracts cows, spikes, and smaller bulls. Why? Because these elk are the most curious, and there are simply a lot more of them than big branch-antlered bulls.

This sequence is primarily dominated by cow/calf chatter with some small bull bugles, and is great for a late morning or early afternoon window, especially if you can get close to a spot where you know elk are bedded nearby. After you follow the tips and techniques featured in the video on the app, you can bet these elk will curiously come down to investigate what new elk are in the area.

These sequences now take the ElkNut app to what can only be described as "next level." You have the tools you need in order to be successful in the ekl woods. Now, we aren't going to stop here. We are going to continue to improve the app. Stay tuned for future updates, and if you haven't had the chance already, please give us a review on the App Store or Google Play.